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The Thirteenth Hour is located in fountain square

In 2019, the Thirteenth Hour expands again with a brand new haunted attraction. This Halloween Season, step inside the 13th hour and learn what secrets lie below the surface; a new chapter awaits.

Days of Operation



Visit our tickets page for pricing. 

Parking Lot opens at 7:00, Doors open as darkness falls.

*Check the calendar for specific dates and times.

Haunt Location

850 South Keystone
Indianapolis, IN 46203





The Thirteenth Hour (13th hour)  is an immersive, no-touch outdoor haunted attraction located in Indianapolis consisting of three separate haunted houses that are all chapters of the same story. The Thirteenth Hour is quickly becoming one of Indy's favorite things to do for Halloween. We offer free limited onsite parking with ample free street parking available. The closing time represents when the last ticket will be sold; if you have your ticket by this time, you will be granted admission. In rare circumstances, we may stop selling tickets prior to closing time if we have reached capacity.

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In 1903, an undertaker by the name of Heinrich Chapel made headlines for his radical idea to build a mass underground grave in Indianapolis. Heinrich was said to perform controversial ceremonies in the condemned cathedral located next to his funeral parlor; he claimed he could remove the souls from the deceased.

On October 1st, 1913, the city of Indianapolis was changed forever. That night, thirteen people went missing, including Heinrich Chapel and his wife. To this day, what happened that night remains a mystery.

While exploring the ruins of the Cathedral in search of answers, we found disturbing sketches for something much more sinister hidden deep inside. What happened on that fateful night in 1913? What evil lies here?

Those brave enough to return in 2019 will not be disappointed. New passageways and encounters are waiting.


New Attraction opening in 2019!

The Thirteenth Hour will grow yet again in 2019 with an entirely new haunt! More details will be released throughout the year! Our team is already hard at work on this new attraction to provide you a longer, scarier, and more immersive experience than we ever have before.


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MoRe Caverns unearthed in 2019

Before his disappearance Heinrich often spoke of a plan to exhume the dead in his search of eternal life. Legend says that each Fall, you can still catch a glimpse of him carrying freshly exhumed bodies down into Mine No. 13.

As we approached the Forsaken No. 13 Mine, we could hear cries for help from within, and encountered unimaginable creatures warning us of our inevitable demise. It’s residents are protecting something deep underground, but what, or who awaits?

Alone in the dark, you will face the ultimate fear, a sacrifice must be made. Is this the end?



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