In 1903, an undertaker by the name of Heinrich Chapel made headlines for his radical idea to build a mass underground grave in Indianapolis. Heinrich was said to perform controversial ceremonies in the condemned cathedral located next to his funeral parlor; he claimed he could remove the souls from the deceased.
On October 1st, 1913, the city of Indianapolis was changed forever. That night, thirteen people went missing, including Heinrich Chapel and his wife. To this day, what happened that night remains a mystery.
While exploring the ruins of the Cathedral in search of answers, we found disturbing sketches for a massive subterranean network of tunnels below the surface and an access point through Heinrich's private office. What lies within these tombs? What happened on that fateful night in 1913?
Join us this fall as we uncover history and discover a world that has been shielded from the public for over 100 years. 
Those brave enough to return in 2018 will not be disappointed. New passageways and encounters are waiting.


The Thirteenth Hour - Indianapolis Haunted House

NEW FEARS unearthed for 2018

Through the mist, you will find your way below the surface and into The Catacombs. Before his disappearance Heinrich often spoke of a plan to exhume the dead in his search of eternal life.
As we traveled deeper below the surface, we found thousands of skeletal remains and could hear cries for help from within the walls.
Alone in the dark, you will face the ultimate fear. Is this the end?