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In 1903, an undertaker by the name of Heinrich Chapel made headlines for his radical idea to build a mass underground grave in Indianapolis. Heinrich was said to perform controversial ceremonies in the condemned cathedral located next to his funeral parlor; he claimed he could remove the souls from the deceased.

On October 1st, 1913, the city of Indianapolis was changed forever. That night, thirteen people went missing, including Heinrich Chapel and his wife. To this day, what happened that night remains a mystery.

While exploring the ruins of the Cathedral in search of answers, we found disturbing sketches for something much more sinister hidden deep inside. What happened on that fateful night in 1913? What evil lies here?

Those brave enough to return in 2019 will not be disappointed. New passageways and encounters are waiting.



New for 2019

If you make it through the Cathedral of Souls, you will find yourself in Reaper’s Hollow; brand new for 2019.

Cross through the Cemetery Gates, venture through the Mist, and wander deep into the Pumpkin Patch in search of what lies beneath.

Among the tombstones and Crypts, you will encounter the final resting place of Heinrich’s Wife Agatha and their son Gustav.

As ashes fill the air, beware the widow’s cries, for they may be the last thing you hear.

The Hollow Awaits.

Mine No. 13 red.png

New For 2019

Before his disappearance Heinrich often spoke of a plan to exhume the dead in his search of eternal life. Legend says that each Fall, you can still catch a glimpse of him carrying freshly exhumed bodies down into Mine No. 13.

As we approached the Mine, we could hear cries for help from within, and encountered unimaginable creatures warning us of our inevitable demise. It’s residents are protecting something deep underground, but who, or what awaits?

Alone in the dark, you will face the ultimate fear, a sacrifice must be made. Is this the end?